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What is Top Rated Live?

We find the best products on Amazon, conduct a market research, write a wonderful script, find the right talent, produce a beautiful video in our studios and broadcast the video on our exclusive Top Rated channel on the brand new Amazon Live platform, as well as on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our members portal with over 30,000 members.

Now, how’s that for a product boost?

Here’s what it looks like on the brand new platform of Amazon Live
(Screen shots only, as these videos are being streamed live from our studios – for actual videos scroll down)

What is Top Rated Live?

Want to start your Amazon Live journey?

Our channel, which is at this moment THE ONLY channel authorized by Amazon to stream on behalf of 3rd party sellers, whether they are brand registered OR NOT, will produce a premium Top Rated promotional video for your product to reach more shoppers on Amazon and tell your brand story in a beautiful and engaging way.

Your product will be featured in it’s own episode of the Amazon Top Rated Web Series. Products chosen by us, are by invitation only, which means, your product will be a part of a prestigious line of top rated premium products… now how’s that for setting you apart from the competition?

At this time, we will be streaming your video 5 times a week, every week. We mix the different episodes so that your video will sometimes be streamed during the morning time, sometimes during noon and sometimes… in the evening.

You get so many benefits from streaming live… It starts with the fact that Amazon are currently doing everything they can to boost the live streams reach on the platform so they basically show your live stream in many different ad placement locations on Amazon, from search result pages to listings of similar products like yours.

We also have a Live Chat where our live editor will be able to chat and interact with shoppers in real time, providing them with answers about your product.

Amazon Top Rated Live channel is similar to the shopping network and each live segment is being watched by thousands of Amazon customers shopping in related categories.

The main difference between a shopping channel on TV and our online channel, is that our channel broadcasts category related shows and is being streamed directly to Amazon shoppers WHILE they’re browsing the category related to our specific episode.

This is a big game changer, as people who are currently looking for a kitchen product might see your product featured on our streamed episode and instantly add it to their cart while they continue to browse for the products they were looking for.

We see that our episodes offer super relevant product commercials for the right people at the right time.

The statistics are changing on a daily basis as we learn and optimize many things. Keep in mind this service is brand new to Amazon and to us.

We are working diligently with the Amazon Live team to make sure we provide the most updated and robust service on the Amazon Live platform.

Aside from the great Brand Exposure you will be getting, our current stats show that each video get thousands of views, and anywhere between 20 to 50 clicks with each stream. That totals about 100,000 monthly views and hundreds of product clicks.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that our episodes are only shown to the relevant shoppers who surf Amazon in your specific category and niche.

Unlike spending money on Amazon PPC where you pay for each click on your ad, on the Amazon Live streams, buyers can easily click the big ADD TO CART button which appears next to the product.

Not only does this feature makes each click you get a silver click – it also helps in boosting your overall ranking in the Amazon search engine, as the Add to Cart process is the number one factor in Amazon’s A9 search algorithm today.

So the process is easy and your video becomes an integral part of the shopping experience: Viewers can find your product directly next to the video player and interact with it by either clicking to your product page, adding it directly from the video to their cart or if you have variations – explore the different options from within the video player itself.

Amazon Top Rated Live is the only channel authorized by Amazon to broadcast live streams for videos who aren’t brand registered, or brand who were not invited to the Amazon Live project. So yes, with us, you can.

As you can see, we only highlight selected products and IT IS by invitation only.

We value sellers who offer premium and top rated products, and by being a part of our productions you will be able to feature your item with a group of premium products AS WELL AS have the ability to highlight “As Seen on Top Rated” on your listing and packaging. How cool is that?

We offer something new and refreshing on the Amazon platform and we are happy you are a part of this.

You are a pioneer, and the first ones always get the most out of everything

The highest quality video productions. Delivered.

Want to start your Amazon Live journey?

Let your dreams come true