Enjoy Perfect Tan And Healthy Skin With This Top Rated Self Tanner By Thermalabs


Ready to Get That Sun-Kissed Skin Glow?

Remember the great feeling of having a perfect summer tan? You look better, and feel much more confident, right? So, why not feel like that the entire time? With Golden Standard Self Tanner by Thermalabs you can have a perfect tan for the whole year, or as long as you like. For any occasion, you name it!

Are you traveling soon? There is no need to even think about unhealthy sunbeds or getting expensive spray tans anymore. Give yourself a beautiful golden glow the night before you travel, it’s that quick!

Do you also have sensitive skin? That’s why we want to treat you with luxury care you deserve. Golden Standard Self Tanner is a gentle, and easy to apply moisturizing tanning lotion suitable for all skin types. Even the most sensitive ones. We want you to feel good in your skin, and that’s why we created a unique formula that brings customized natural bronze shade ideal for your skin tone.

Just relax, and enjoy those days on the beach you`ve been waiting for so long. We’ll take care of your skin, and highlight your natural beauty on the way.

Premium Natural and Organic Ingredients That Nourish Your Skin

 Why is Thermalabs Golden Standard Self Tanner a skin-treat you need? Because our formula is based on thorough researches about what our skin requires. That is why we have carefully chosen only top quality natural and organic ingredients, like Aloe vera, that nurture your skin while giving you the beauty of a bronze glow.

 Golden Standard Self Tanner contains healthy minerals and organic plant-based ingredients which nourish your skin and give it a mild, natural fragrance. With our formula, you will stop associating self-tanning creams with that strong chemical smell. Why should you give away the secret of your natural-looking beautiful tan? Yes, we have thought about every detail. That’s why we created a natural fragrance for your natural skin glow.

 Learn the Healthy Way of Getting That Glowing Bronze Skin

 There is no need for you to spend hours in the sun, and expose your body to the harmful sun damage. With Golden Standard Self Tanner premature aging, sun spots or even more severe skin conditions are no longer your concerns.

 We know how important it is to take care of your health. So, protect your skin’s natural beauty with a quick, easy application of this sunless tanner. Golden Standard Self Tanner is the healthiest option for tanned, beautiful skin! Are you still not sure? Don’t be. Just follow the product instructions, and get the wanted results over the night!


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