Don’t Let Anything Ruin Your Adventure With This Amazing Car Roof Bag!


Are you one of those adventurous people who love going for outdoor trips? If you are going for a nice picnic day, or you are set to spend the whole day on the beach, you may want to take all the essentials with you. This is not an easy task. Even less if you own a small car and you want to bring bulky luggage with you. As this is something that commonly happens, Justin case came up with a solution to this problem: using the roof of the car! Maybe trunks are not spacious enough, but roofs can act like second trunks with a lot more space and comfort. However, most of the times it is not possible to just tie things up the roof of our cars. That’s where this roof bag by Justin Case comes in handy.

Last year, I went on a camping trip with my family in my Honda Pilot. The kids were terribly uncomfortable: they were jammed in the back seat for the whole trip because of our camping stuff. I decided to do some research and I discovered this Justin Case Roof Bag. I didn’t want to install a roof rack system, so I needed something less permanent. This bag looked like the perfect solution. I’m so happy I bought it! I was amazed at how many things fit inside of it, and there was still a lot of room available. 

Amazing Design

This bag is designed to carry any type of luggage and store it in a safe way above the car. It is crucial to find a bag that suits our needs best. They have to be well-designed, have a style that fits our preferences, and of course, to be built with the best materials available. In the case of this roof bag, it is safe and convenient. This car bag is extra large, so it can store up to 19 cubic feet. I tried it when going camping for a week last summer. We took the car, and I wanted to cry when I discovered that it had no racks! I was afraid that the roof bag would be useless. To my surprise, Justin Case car top carrier serves for those cars with no racks! So consider this if you don’t have them. 

Big Sized but Safe

It is extremely safe, as it has four door hooks that keep it well-locked. In terms of size, it is extra large, meaning you can transport whatever you need.  Sizes are 47″x35″x20″. The bag supports up to 290 pounds! I was able to fit inside handbags full of sunscreen, sunglasses, food, hats, tents, and sleeping bags, and more.. All of this luggage was impossible to fit with the previous carrier bag I had, which was much smaller. In terms of its materials, Justin Case luggage box has an amazing design made of waterproof cloth. 

Don’t Let Anything Ruin Your Adventure

Your adventure won’t stop because of the rain, wind, snow, sand or extreme temperatures! This bag resists it all. While we were on our way, it was pouring outside. We were worried all of our stuff would end up soaking water. Yet, as if by magic, all the items were dry inside the compartment. Only the straps got wet. 

Even though I have a large car and it worked great for me, some of my friends with smaller cars didn’t find this car bag so convenient. It is too large, especially for those who want to transport fewer things. Hopefully, these sellers will release a smaller bag soon! Another downside is that it can get a bit noisy if the weather is windy. But, overall, Justin Case bag can work wonders if you need to take many things and know they will arrive safely to your destination. You just need to have enough space for it.

Fabric and Other Materials

The fabric is also 600D PVC and with durable dual seam welding technology. This means that your bag won’t be easily ripped or torn apart. Its advanced design makes it a nice option for adventurers like myself, who love going camping and spending time outdoors. The waterproof roof bag by Justin Case protects your things from the unpredictable forces of nature while you are on the road. It is made up of soft but resistant materials, which helps to store bulky stuff while protecting them at the same time

You can easily mount and dismount the bag as soon as you need to. I’m not a handy person, and it was very simple for me to install it without any help. Tip: try to tie both the straps to the rack and the door latches to feel safer. Justin Case car bag for the roof has 4 hooks that render the mounting strong and reliable.

As stated before, we usually take a lot of things with us on our camping trips, so I was positively surprised to see that everything fit inside this bag. I truly hope I’ll be able to use it in the years to come. It might even be a good idea to use this bag to pick up friends and family from the airport. It has a padded bottom that can hold luggage together without causing any damage to the roof of the car. This is an amazing perk, especially in comparison with other bags I have tried. It makes the experience of going on a trip outdoors much easier!

You can rest assured when buying this product. Your purchase will be completely protected by Justin Case. Fortunately, they are very concerned about keeping their clients happy and satisfied with their products. Justin Case, then, offers both replacements for damaged products or full refunds in case the bag is not what you thought it would be. Its warranty is also great: it lasts for one year. However, we are sure you are not going to need it. Because of its quality, size, and safety, you will want to use this top-rated car bag on all your trips!


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