The Best Hidden Camera We Found On Amazon to Keep You Safe And Protected!


Aren’t you tired of feeling unsafe? I live close to a rather tough neighborhood, and I was always worried that someone would break into my house or something would happen to my family. One night, I heard noises on the ground floor, so I went down to check it out. I found some mud and thought that someone was trying to rob us. I woke up the entire house and called the police just to find out that the thieves were only two wild raccoons. Even though this story has a happy ending, at the time I was extremely worried that someone could hurt my loved ones. 

That was the moment I decided I had to do something to ensure their safety. So, I bought an alarm system and looked for security cameras to install in my house. I compared the best options and ended up choosing the EZVIZ ez360 home security camera. There are plenty of options on the market, but very few cameras pack so many features at such a good price. Luckily, the installation process was quite straightforward. And since that moment, I can sleep easy at night knowing that my family is well protected by the EZVIZ ez360 home security camera.

Capture every detail

One of the most innovative features of this device is its camera. Its 360° system allows you to know what is going on everywhere. It also helps to cut down costs – there is no need to install so many cameras to watch everything that is going on around the house, you’ll be able to save a few bucks while still having a very efficient system in place.

What is more, as EZVIZ camera has night vision capabilities, you can keep your home safe 24/7. The EZVIZ ez360 home security camera captures highly detailed videos all day long thanks to its 1080p CMOS image sensor and its Digital HDR enhancement. In this way, no matter the amount of light that comes in, you will always be able to watch out for any potential danger that could come into your house. 

Follow any stranger that comes into your house

If you have a big family like mine, I’m sure that you also have plenty of people coming and going all day. My oldest son invites his friends often, my daughter tends to invite classmates to study, and my wife tells her group of friends to come over every now and then. Such a large number of strangers roaming around the house makes me uncomfortable, especially because I have many valuable objects here.

Fortunately, the EZVIZ ez360  home security camera features a Smart Motion Tracking feature that allows you to follow any person that makes you suspicious. As soon as it detects a movement, the EZVIZ security camera starts working and tracks the source of the movement. In this way, if your son is inviting that friend that you don’t trust, or if your daughter’s new classmate is taking longer than necessary when going around the house, you can keep an eye on them and make sure that they are not up to something. 

Keep an eye even when you are away

If you have to leave home, but still want to make sure that everything is safe, then the EZVIZ ez360 home security camera is perfect for you. A few weeks ago, my whole family and I went on a family trip and I didn’t want to leave the house alone. As I said, my neighborhood is not the safest, and I was afraid that someone could notice that we were gone and break in. 

Fortunately, the EZVIZ ez360 home security camera and its Smart Motion Tracking keep an eye on the house for you and let you know if anything is out of place. As soon as it detects a movement, the EZVIZ ez360 sends a notification to your phone. In this way, you watch from your phone what is going on at home. So, if you see that something is wrong, you can just call a neighbor to check on your house for you. This helped me enjoy the trip with my family much more, as I knew that my home was going to be just fine while I was gone. 

Control your cameras without much effort

The EZVIZ ez360 home security camera packs the latest technology in the market, and so it only makes sense that it is compatible with the newest devices. If you are a fan of technology and like to control your smart home from your phone or with your voice, then you’ll be happy with the EZVIZ  home security camera. This device is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so with just a voice command, you’ll be able to keep track of what is going on. As it also works with the IFTTT, you’ll be able to set predetermined actions that you want your camera to do when something happens. In this way, your home will be smarter than ever. 

Listen and respond anywhere in your house

Thanks to the two-way audio system of the EZVIZ home security camera, not only will you be able to hear anything that happens in your house, but you will also be able to intervene. If someone you don’t know is trying to enter your home, you can talk to them and listen to what they say without having to compromise your safety. What is more, if you have little children and you see that they are going to do something dangerous, you can stop them from wherever you are. 

If you want to keep your family and your home safe, then installing the EZVIZ ez360  home security camera in your house is a must. Its amazing image quality, night vision capability, 360° recording, and its audio features are some of the aspects that truly sets it apart from the competition. Thanks to the quality of the product you can rest assured that nothing happening in your house will escape your eye. And, indeed, the video and audio quality of the EZVIZ home security camera are what make it a Top Rated product.  


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