Experience A Healthy And Vibrant Skin With This Top Rated Facial Cleansing Brush


Are you searching for a gentle, exfoliating deep cleanse without skin stripping or getting micro tears?

Hi, my name is Amber, and in this episode of Top Rated, I’m going to show you a fantastic traditional spin brushes alternative, gentle enough to protect your delicate face skin yet efficient in revealing its natural beauty.

MINTSonic Facial Cleansing Brush uses the amazing combination of the finest medical grade silicone and the best engineered sonic power to gently remove all your makeup, exfoliate the skin, deep clean pores, reduce breakouts, and remove blackheads at the same time. It also helps in reducing blemishes, the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and dark spots.

Deeply massaging and bringing oxygen to the face, its gentle micro-firming vibrations will also boost your favorite anti-aging skincare product efficiency. With this anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof cleaning brush, you can make the best of your facial skin with minimal effort.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, MINTSonic facial Cleansing Brush will provide you utterly customizable skin care experience, while revealing its youthful glow. Use any of its 15 adjustable intensities, up to 8000 sonic pulses per minute, and unlock the full power spectrum of skincare.

Thanks to its nonporous, anti-bacterial, quick drying, resistant silicone, this cleaning brush is unbelievably 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon brushes or crystal puffs. No skin irritations or allergies. Only smoothed and revitalized skin-every time you use it.

You can make it a simple part of your daily beauty routine wherever you go. It comes in a perfect travel size, with no need for brush head or battery replacement.

MINTSonic Facial Cleansing Brush gives you an amazing customizable experience for healthy, soft, youthful, and vibrant skin, and that is what makes it a TOP RATED product!

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